Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Review

Dyson vacuum models are typically jam-packed with useful features, and DC50 Animal is no different. Specifically catered to pet owners, this vacuum will provide you with everything you need to keep a clean and virtually allergy-free home.

Have you ever seen that famous ball vacuum design? Well this Dyson DC50 boasts this feature! Providing one of the most advanced cleaning technologies from the company, you’ll be able to increase the capacity for how well and fast you pick up the dirt and pet hair around your home. You’ll even be able to switch from carpet to hardwood floors with ease. There are also 2-tier radial cyclones for capturing the smallest particles that you’re unable to see.

If you want something that’s lightweight, doesn’t include a bag, and is super durable compared to the weight, you’ll want to invest in this machine from Dyson. With a cord length of 25-feet, you’ll be able to cover quite a bit of ground in one session. Oh, and did we mention that it weighs just 11.6 pounds? Because of the design and size, meshed with the cord length, you’ll be able to get into those tighter spaces with ease.

Get into those crevices of the couch with ease thanks to the attachment hose that comes with this model – no more finding puffs of pet hair balls in the cracks of the cushions, causing mysterious allergies to occur.

The First Impression of the Product

At first, I thought the design looked dated, but loved the incorporation of my favorite color – purple! After doing a bit more research on the ball design, it grew on me, and then I dove into the features for myself. I know, I’m a bit vain when it comes to aesthetics, but since I’m spending my own money, I can judge on aesthetics all I want! I will say that I was a little nervous about the price tag before jumping on the Dyson train, but since Dyson is a vacuum-catering brand, I trusted the name and decided to take the plunge.

My thought process was if I didn’t find my experience satisfactory, I trusted their customer service to help me out with a resolution. Customer service is always something I research about a company before making a purchase – especially if it’s my first purchase with them specifically with a certain price tag range.

After finding out that it’s a pretty lightweight vacuum, and the cord is on the longer side, I felt a wave of relief over me. I’m someone who is the only person to vacuum the house, and since I’m around 5-feet tall, the size matters.

Now that you know I’m a shortykins, you should also know that if you’re like me, you’ll have no trouble with getting the cobwebs in those high places. There is a hose that detaches from the back and allows you to reach those not-so-easy corners. After you’re done, you can store it quite efficiently. I live in a small-ish apartment and haven’t had too much trouble finding a spot for it.

I do have someone in the household who is slightly allergic to my dog, and since this vacuum is good at picking up those microscopic particles, we haven’t had too much trouble with her allergies. This is due to the radial cyclones that are within the design of this DC50, and I can’t thank them enough for adding this feature! While it’s not perfect, it does get up a lot of the particles and the hair from what we’ve experienced so far.

The only real qualm I have with this product is that the dustbin could be a bit larger. I’m glad I don’t have to buy bags anymore, but if I were to complain about anything, it would be this. Not really a deal breaker, though!

You might be nervous about the suction and overall performance after viewing a lower number for the air watt – thankfully, there has been no real issue with this, and I see this more of an efficient feature. It’s been able to pick up my crazy shedding dog with no problem, and I’ve even let my corgi owner neighbors use this specific model (since they are SUPER shedders), and they’ve loved it so far.


  • Has a 5-year warranty for parts and labor
  • Doesn’t require a bag
  • No loss of suction because of bag-less feature
  • Most advanced cleaning head technology
  • Lightweight at less than 12lbs.
  • Has an attachment piece so you can get those hard to reach areas


  • Personally, the dustbin could be larger
  • Corded model – for those that want cordless, you’ll be looking at something smaller; however, the length of the cord is 25-feet


The Final Verdict

Overall, we’d have to give this vacuum a solid recommendation to anyone in the market for a reliable vacuum. Whether you have pets or not, you’ll be able to use this with ease and efficiency – while not being disappointed! With the maneuverability of this model, along with the weight, even the shortest or “weakest” of people can use this without any real issue.