iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum Review

We’re sure you’ve heard of Roomba as they’re one of the most known robot technology brands. While Roomba is a pretty notable name when it comes to vacuums, they sometimes can be hard to attain due to them selling out, or their price. We were able to check out the iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum, and we’ve curated our first impression of this product, as well as general things you should know before purchasing.


The iRobot has iAdapt navigation which ensures that the sensors can navigate through the contours of your home. Even if you have the world’s curviest home or one with a ton of rooms, you’ll be able to set this off with ease and not have to worry about it flying into a wall and breaking. Furthermore, there’s a 3-stage cleaning process that introduces suction, brushing, and agitating for the best vacuum possible.

Because it’s a robot, you can schedule this unit to work 7 times out of the week, or you can simply hit the “clean” button when you’re ready – no scheduling required, although, if you work long hours and still want to come home to a clean apartment or house, this is a perfect tool to utilize. Another great feature comes to the charging aspect – it automatically docks itself and recharges without you having to do ANYTHING.

Being only 3.6-inches tall, it can go underneath mostly anything (unless you have one of those very shallow and low to the ground couches), with ease, and you don’t have to worry about manually getting under your coffee table. This can also fit under kickboards so that you can eliminate dust, dander, and general dirt that may come – you’re the dust’s worst enemy, and now is the time for it to pay!

We’re sure you have questions about the floor types, and yes, this Roomba model is capable of vacuuming on various types of tile, laminate flooring, hardwood, carpet and much more without switching any buttons or putting it on any modes. The unit automatically adjusts to the material it’s on and navigates around your furniture or items on the floor. With a fantastic navigation system and overall well-structured design, it’s pretty much like having a maid that you rarely have to see. While it doesn’t do dishes for you, it does the bulk of the work!

There’s a dirt-detect technology within this unit, and it’s patented, as the sensors can recognize more concentrated areas of dirt to pick them up. Those who have “high-traffic” areas of your apartment that may accumulate more dirt (i.e., the door area with people who drag in dirt)

The First Impression of the Product

I’ll admit, at first, I was a bit nervous because of the price, but my friends had one, and I was curious if it was that great. After researching more online and looking at the list of over 5,000 reviews, I couldn’t help but to think that this generally must be a great item with so many well-rated reviews. Beyond this, the brand itself is one of the best, especially with the robot-esque technology, so towards the end of the research process, I was quite confident in the purchase.

Now, for the actual usage of the product – I was excited to begin using this, and realized that I didn’t need to do anything myself or “begin” using, as it’s a robot! As long as the settings are there, and it’s charged, it could go off and do its own thing whenever I needed. We originally tested it on the sloped hardwood floor with a small pile of confetti that had a lot of static electricity (meaning: it stuck to the floor pretty well), and it was able to get up all of it!

We eventually started intentionally putting messes on the ground of different textures, sizes, and types, to see how this truly worked, and we were more than happy every single time. I will say that I don’t regret this purchase one bit, but having one makes me kind of miss actually vacuuming!

If you have small children or pets, as we do, you’ll be happy to know that this unit isn’t that loud and shouldn’t startle any of your children. I was also happy that it came with some accessories, including a cleaning tool, virtual wall barrier, and extra filter. You won’t have to worry about scuff marks on your wall because of the Roomba slamming into it – this is also largely in part to the navigation system on board.

The dual multi-surface brushes performed even better than I thought, and one is meant to loosen the dirt, while the other picks it up after it’s loosened. You’ll be able to remove hair, larger pieces of debris, and dirt with ease.


  • Adjusts to any type of floor automatically, there are no settings to hit
  • You can put the Roomba on a schedule for when you’re gone or at work
  • Automatically docks itself to recharge – you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Has a 3-stage cleaning process to ensure an entirely clean floor, no matter if it’s carpet, hardwood, or tile
  • Isn’t loud, so it’s great for those with pets or children
  • Good for pet hair


  • May not fit under every piece of furniture – low couches may need manual vacuuming, or for someone to hold it up as it navigates under.


The Final Verdict

Overall, this is a pretty good product with quite a few specifications that we’re able to use in our own home. It’s small, compact, and I don’t have to worry about it hitting walls or getting in my way.

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