New Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Review

Manufactured by Miele, this vacuum cleaner is for those that probably have a pet business. The price is incredibly high, especially for the more moderate user, but with how well it works, it’s best for those grooming businesses or doggy daycare businesses that want something effective, while having a nice tax write-off.


Within this Miele unit, you’ll be able to use one of the six stages in the variable speed motor, which is controlled by a type of footswitch pedal. Using addition and subtraction methods for the buttons, it’s not like working a spaceship to be able to use this canister vacuum cleaner.

This product is much more portable than others, as it’s not one full unit that doesn’t detach. There is a type of want extension that sucks up what you need, with the tank trailing behind. You’ll have more versatility in your movement, and be able to clean without the tank getting in your way.

Furthermore, there’s an air cleaned sealed system, so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s hair getting everywhere as you’re moving the unit around. There’s nothing worse than having pet hair of dander flying around your face and getting on your clothes. We understand that kind of comes with the job, but if it can be reduced while loving the pets and doing the job, then it’s a perfect product worth investing in.

The integrated accessories make it much easier for you to clean the carpet or the hardwoods with ease, and you can even use this on the tile without worry. There’s an electro “plus” brush to make it even easier to scrub those floors and get the dander and hair into the vacuum. If you need something a little smaller, there’s also a mini turbo brush.

It’s been stated by the manufacturer that this unit was tested explicitly for everyday usage for two decades, without the performance of the product declines. The vortex motor system is robust, and provides exceptional performance, with precision adjustment and suction – no matter the surface you’re vacuuming on.

We can’t forget about the filtration system that’s unique to the Miele name. The “Air Clean” filtration system makes sure that the potentially lung-damaging particles are captured and retained, so you don’t have to worry about you or your pets breathing in any extra dander or hair. Of course, this is convenient, but what’s even more convenient is the nimble and intuitive adaption of this vacuum, allowing ceiling vacuuming, as well as all types of floor materials – without compromising performance.

You may also use this on furniture without worrying about ripping, scratching, or ruining the integrity or appearance. The electro plus brush features a fight-level height adjustment, and if you want to know the optimal level, you’ll see that it’s ideal for high pile carpeting, medium pile carpeting, as well as smoother surfaces like some types of tile and wood.

The First Impression of the Product

Right off the bat, I was concerned with the price; but then the price had me thinking, “is it a commercial facility quality vacuum?” and then I did some more research. Upon researching, I found that this was an incredible vacuum that had a lot of promise – mainly since the current design was tested for 20 years of everyday usage, something that I pretty much need at the facility I work in.

We have some big dogs come in to be groomed, and they shed like crazy – I can only imagine what their fur-parents pants look like at the end of the day! Even worse – their couch!

I thoroughly enjoyed the air clean sealed system and the filter, which ensured that the active charcoal cassette would help remove those odors from the area by absorbing them and neutralizing. While enzyme and odor removing spray only work for a little while, we needed to bring out the big guns with this device, and I’m glad that it has more than one intention.

The air clean filtration system has worked very well thus far, and we haven’t had any allergies running rampant like usual. The casual random sniff here and there, but nothing like before.

While we tend not to groom our pets on the ceiling, it’s no shocker that sometimes dander can get stuck up there, depending on your ceiling material. I was able to use this with ease (despite being really short), and still having the ability to clean the ceiling. I also loved that this had an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture specifically, allowing us to go out into our waiting area and clean up some of the furniture, giving our clients an A1 experience.

The primary difference between HEPA and carbon filters within vacuuming units, especially for pets, is that carbon is better for odor removing capabilities, while HEPA is better for minimizing dander and particles.


  • There’s a silence motor within this unit, so it doesn’t startle pets that you work with, or pets in your home
  • The motor is also a 6-speed variable motor that you can control easily with footswitch controls
  • An operating radius of 36-feet
  • Comes equipped with an active air clean filter for the best vacuuming experience


  • Roller brush cannot be removed to clean, so it might be a bit annoying to try and clean, but we haven’t had any problems thus far.


The Final Verdict

Overall, after being able to dabble with this product at my grooming facility, I was quite pleasantly surprised with the performance. Yes, the price tag can be a bit much, but for those that have dogs around for a living or any other pet, will be able to justify this and use it on their tax returns for the year. Featuring a mini turbo brush, as well as other integrated accessories, and a variable speed motor, you’ll be able to personalize your experience with ease.

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