Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum Review

Manufactured by SharkNinja, this lift-away “TruePet” upright vacuum is one that’s an Amazon choice, and comes with a lift full of great features. Moderately priced, this upright vacuum is great for all-purpose vacuuming, but does even better with those who have pets that shed like crazy.

An original full-sized “lift away” unit, there is a canister on this vacuum that detaches to ensure that you’re able to deep clean those hard to reach spots without compromising any power, performance, or quality. Furthermore, you’re still able to have the brush roll spinning with ease when you detach this canister.


Worried about whether or not this will work on hardwood floors? Worry no more, as this Shark Rotator vacuum can do so with ease by picking up any debris that’s stuck on the floor, as well as surface litter. In having this amount of performance behind a product, there is a level of superiority in floor cleaning with this product in comparison to other pet catered vacuums. While it works fabulous on carpets, you can transition with ease onto hardwood floors.

There is a motorized brush on this unit, as well as a multi-tool to help you remove anything that your pet leaves behind. While we don’t suggest using this on pee or pet droppings, you can virtually use it for any other pet-related mess. Utilizing extreme performance for the ultimate cleaning of pet hair, no matter the surface, it’s no wonder that this product is an Amazon choice, and has thousands of fantastic reviews.

Allergic to your pets, but still love them to death? There is a complete seal technology installed on this device that ensures anti-allergens, and you won’t have to worry about dander or hair flying everywhere. This unit is capable of trapping around 99.9% of the allergens and dust within the vacuum after using, and it features a type of HEPA filter to do so.

Wondering about how easy this product is to use? Don’t worry, it’s not liking manning a spaceship, and it’s actually simple to use thanks to the FingerTIp controls. There’s an easy off and on the switch, as well as two modes for transitioning to carpet from hardwood, and vice versa.

The First Impression of the Product

My first thought was that this product has a sleeker design than most, and it intrigued me because I am a petite woman. Believe it or not, larger vacuums are much harder to move, as they are bulky. It’s not so much the weight; it’s just the bulkiness can be hard to get upstairs as someone of my height. With this upright and thin vacuum, I can virtually take it anywhere with ease. I also enjoyed the fact that there is a switch for carpet, and there’s a switch for hardwoods, so I can switch between my living room and kitchen, while still receiving the same level of care and performance without switching products.

I loved the addition of LED lights to help me navigate under darker areas like my coffee table, and they are on the handle, as well as the nozzle of the vacuum. I won’t have to miss anything on the floor again. As someone who is a night owl, this is extremely important. While I don’t have many people to wake up, I don’t have every light in the house on at night, and this just makes it easier, removing one step from the routine.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s important that maneuverability is easy, especially with my body type. Thanks to the dynamic swivel steering, I can do this no problem. In having this, I have more control over the vacuum and can maneuver around obstacles much easier. Oh, and did I mention that the actual buttons that help you switch from hardwoods to carpet are simple, and not out of reach? Located in the top of the handle, you don’t have to worry about bending down to switch locations simply, and the location isn’t affected by how you hold the vacuum.


  • One of the primary advantages is that this has a switch for carpet and hardwood floors, allowing the product to perform with ease on either.
  • Comes equipped with a motorized brush, as well as a pet multi-tool to ensure the best cleaning is done
  • Features a HEPA filter and complete seal technology for anti-allergens, traps more than 99% of allergens and dust within the vacuum
  • Picks up debris that gets stuck on easily
  • Cannister detaches for optimal ease of use
  • Fantastic on hardwood floors
  • There are cheaper versions if you don’t want all of the tools equipped, like the mini motorized pet brush


  • There is no active glide technology, although the two specific ground modes reduce the need for this
  • There’s no noise reduction technology within this unit – may scare some pets, although it’s not super loud


The Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great product that has allowed me to remove pet hair, allergens, and dander with ease. I can use the variety of accessories with ease, and can maneuver this 14.5-pound unit without any worry – as someone who is 5’1”, this is extremely important for me.

The price is great, and the LED lights on the nozzle and towards the floor help me work this at night when I get home from work, or when I have nights off. I highly recommend this product to those looking to reduce allergens and pet hair on your clothes or your furniture.